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The Mace Davis Project Presents "Love Changes"

About The Book

From the streets of Chicago to the boardroom, the lives of people from different worlds will collide. In the quest for power, loves will be lost. In the pursuit of love, deceptions will be revealed.

Who is Mace Davis?

Mace Davis is a man every woman desires, while men envy him. He is a womanizer who has every woman in his wake doing his bidding, including heiress Ari Russell and his first love Tasha Brown. He is charismatic, provocative, a master of his game. He will fulfill your every need and play out your deepest fantasy.

Ari Russell

Ari Russell is in search of the simple life.  In order to have what she wants she must defy her family’s wealth and follow her heart into the world of Mace Davis. But when she discovers she can’t leave her past behind, she will be forced to choose between her legacy and the man she loves.

Ashton Russell

Ashton Russell is the male heir to the family real estate company Russell Industries. All of his life he has done everything right to please his father. However, after he finds himself in a loveless marriage, he begins to resent his wealth. He meets someone not of his circle and begins to spiral down a dangerous path.

Tasha Brown

Tasha Brown was always Mace Davis's number one. Now she finds herself displaced into a rotation of his many women. Tasha is sick and tired of all of Mace’s lies and manipulation and decides to move on. As she attempts to rebuild her life she is greeted with setbacks, defeat, and the revolving door of her ex-love. Tasha soon realizes that saying goodbye to Mace Davis won’t be easy.

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